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Training Guide for Football Tactical Skills with 8 Basic Exercises 

For beginners in football tips net, progressing in the game requires a structured training regimen. If you're looking for guidance on training football tactical skills, let's explore the exercises from basic to advanced in the following article.

Guide to training movement skills on the field To execute a team's playing style, players on the field must constantly move—expanding space, receiving passes from teammates, or transitioning states during the match.

Therefore, understanding how to move and when to move properly is a technique that players need to practice regularly.

1.1. Walking Technique Although many players think the skill of "walking" is straightforward, walking on the football field also has its benefits and techniques. Specifically, when walking, players rest and recover their energy. Moreover, by slowing down the pace of the game, players can observe and evaluate the game situation more clearly.

How to perform the walking technique:

Walking is not difficult; you just need to walk at a normal pace. Always keep moving and never stop, even if it's just moving a short distance. When walking, try to adjust your breathing to recover energy quickly. Also, while walking, look around and observe the entire game situation to make decisions afterward. Walking Technique Walking helps us conserve energy during the match and increases observation time and the ability to make the next decision. 1.2. Body Feint Technique The body feint technique is used when players need to intercept the ball in the air. To accurately catch the soccer prediction octopus in this situation, players need good running speed and the ability to predict the ball's landing point.

How to practice body feint technique:

To become familiar with the body feint technique, start by practicing without the ball. Set up obstacles and then maneuver around these obstacles from slow to fast difficulty levels. Once you're comfortable with this technique, practice with the ball by dribbling and using both the inside and outside of your foot to maneuver around obstacles. Gradually increase the difficulty from slow to fast. Body Feint Technique The body feint technique is very useful when performing dribbles. 

How to practice jumping technique:

Stand in one place and practice jumping from low to high gradually. Note that when landing, land on the balls of your feet and bend your knees to avoid injury and improve body stability during jumping situations. Another way to practice this technique is by skipping rope. Jumping rope helps strengthen leg muscles, ankle muscles, and overall body flexibility. Jumping Technique Jumping technique is crucial in football matches. 

Try to stand in front of the opponent, lower your center of gravity, and then force the opponent to dribble to the non-preferred foot or into a tight position before tackling.

Moreover, to understand more about practicing movement skills when playing football, you can watch the details in the video below

Guide to training ball usage skills For beginners, it's important to practice the basics before learning more difficult skills. Here are some basic exercises to improve ball feel and usage skills.

 This is a skill that any player knows, they usually juggle the ball before each match to get the best feel for the ball. For beginners, juggling the ball also helps you get acquainted with the ball and gradually perform more advanced techniques.

How to juggle using both feet: Lift the bag net with one hand, then use the inside surface of both feet to juggle the ball, then switch to juggling with the inside and outside of the foot.

Ball Juggling Skill Juggling the ball is an exercise that helps familiarize and increase the feel of the ball.

Because football is a team sport, you will receive many passes from teammates in any direction, so before deciding what to do with the ball, you must first control it and control it well.

Ball control training is also very simple, you can find a friend to practice with by passing the ball back and forth or you can practice alone by kicking against a wall or any flat surface and then controlling it.

To improve shooting ability, first, you need to understand the shooting technique including:

Takeoff Run-up Planting the supporting foot, locking the ankle, and swinging the foot. Moreover, having a strong and healthy ankle will significantly increase shooting power, so if possible, practice some additional exercises for your ankles.

Shooting Technique Shooting requires precise technique and good leg strength.

Beginners who want to practice and improve dribbling technique can practice by using obstacles and then performing dribbling movements starting with 1 foot and then gradually increasing the difficulty with 2 feet, using the inside and outside of the foot...

Refer to the instructional video for football training according to each skill group below

Reference for good training methods for players If you are a fan, a player of the king of sports, you will definitely need books or videos to teach football from A to Z to help you understand the terms in football, tactics, movement, and training to improve your football skills. Here are some useful sources of knowledge about football that you can refer to.

This is a YouTube channel that appeared in 2021 with the purpose of analyzing football, tactics of matches, predictions before rounds, along with videos about the history of football prediction and analysis from the past to the present. To learn more about football, this is the suitable choice for you.

This is a foreign YouTube channel with content related to teaching football and football techniques, which is extremely useful. Viewers will be taught exercises from basic to advanced to improve their football skills. 

Above are the instructions for training football tactical skills with extremely simple exercises that you can practice at home. 


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