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Which Hot Tub To Buy

The sheer number of features offered by Sundance Spas help set this brand apart from the competition. Some of the top features include the patented Fluidix jets, which don't have moving parts making them less likely to break down over time. Users can also control the jets in order to personalize their massage. If you're after a truly luxurious experience then the Silent Air Injector jets that add fragrances for aromatherapy will really enhance the hot tub, without compromising the water quality.

which hot tub to buy

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The SmartTub mobile app really levels up the Sundance Spas. It allows you to monitor and control your hot tub remotely and even schedules repairs or maintenance with a local dealer. The app does however require a paid subscription after a year, which is something to factor into the overall cost.

There are no explicit energy-saving hot tubs, but Jacuzzi designs its tubs to preserve the heat from the motor and use this to warm the water. This will make it slightly more affordable to run, which is great at lowering the overall cost of your tub. The jet system also uses a combination of air and water to provide high-pressure massages, and the jet placement targets key muscles from your neck to your legs.

Hot Spring is one of the few brands that offers a salt water sanitation system, which is a huge selling point for anyone who is reluctant to spend the time maintaining chemical levels themselves. The salt water sanitation system is engineered to create a constant supply of chlorine with the interaction of salt and water through a process called electrolysis. The initial setup of this can be a little trickier and more expensive than other systems, but the long-term maintenance is far easier. Salt water sanitation systems can keep the water clean for up to 12 months, rather than the spa needing to be drained and refilled every three to four months in a normal hot tub.

The brand has five collections with more than 20 models available, each of which comes with a free cover. The price range for these hot tubs begin at around $7,000 and can exceed $20,000 all depending on the customization you opt for, and the tier of tub you choose. With this in mind, Marquis Spas are generally in the mid-range price category.

What sets Marquis Spas apart is their take on hydrotherapy, self-cleaning and skin therapy. They have built a high flow therapy system that is built into all its collections, which delivers as much water as possible at a low pressure, so users can enjoy a relaxing experience whilst soothing muscle discomfort.

This feature creates small bubbles that increase the amount of oxygen in the water, giving it a soft, luxurious feel to encourage cell and collagen regeneration. For maximum comfort you can also select an adjustable therapy seat which allows you to control the power and type of jet blast to suit your exact preferences.

ThermoSpas had high customer ratings across the board, but there were a few one star reviews. A few customers commented that their jets had failed and they were awaiting a repair, and a ThermoSpas representative replied to each of these negative reviews, which is more than some other brands.

Catalina Spas reviews were had to come by online, and many of them were poor one star ratings. Multiple users said that their tubs arrived with major faults which isn't ideal with such a huge investment purchase.

Your budget will dictate which options are available to you, so first consider how much you have to spend on your new hot tub. Also, it's a good idea to research how much a certain hot tub might cost to run and maintain (and make sure you choose an option with a lifetime guarantee).

Maintenance is an essential part of owning a hot tub, and the cost of cleaning materials is also worth factoring in when it comes to finances. Whilst some tubs have self-cleaning systems, others require traditional bottled chemicals to be added in on a regular basis, which in turn creates monthly expenses.

Hot tubs consist of an outer cabinet, which holds the shell in place. The shell is the inner piece of the hot tub that holds the water. Hot tubs also have pumps to circulate water in and out of the tub, jets to massage sore muscles and filters to keep the water clean.

Those factors will allow you to set a budget for your hot tub. You can then choose which material you would like it to be and consider adding accessories. Make sure to factor in monthly (or annual) maintenance costs, too. The right hot tub for you will incorporate all of the materials and accessories that meet your needs while falling within your budget.

Your family will enjoy creating a tradition of spending regular time together in your hot tub. Family members of all ages are able to relax and open up. Relaxed conversation strengthens family closeness, and builds lasting connections. Engaging in conversation makes each family member feel valued, which builds confidence and helps develop positive behaviors at home and school.

Deciding which hot tub is right for you might seem overwhelming at first when you consider the hundreds of companies, options, and price points. Because hot tubs vary in size, features, and costs, it can take quite some time to choose the spa brand that is ideal for you.

EOS 03 is a revolutionary automatic water purification system that eliminates impurities through oxidation. This unique three-part system works by generating ozone, which is a powerful, natural way to purify water.

Bullfrog (which Carmona carries at All Florida Pool & Spa Center) offers an enormous range of designs, jets, and other features, and it leans toward the higher end in terms of base options and upgrades. For example, you can choose among 18 interchangeable JetPak massage nozzle options to customize the spray type as you like.

HotSpring (which, again, Prisco carries at Prisco Hot Tubs) stands out for its saltwater system (billed as FreshWater), which requires less balancing of disinfectant chemicals and produces lower overall chlorine levels.

Sundance (the other brand Carmona carries) offers a very wide range and touts its UV-C cleaning system, which also lowers the level of disinfectant chemicals that are required to keep your hot tub sanitary.

Cheap hot tubs can be deceiving because they often work well for a period of time, however they are not typically reliable in the longrun, which will cost you a lot on maintenance, repairs, and chemicals.

Customise your experience by moving the jets around as you like. Any jet can be swapped for another of the same size within the spa to allow for different styles of massage and they have plastic surrounds which are easy to grip underwater. On some portable spa models you can change the speed of the jets using the control panel to deliver three different massage settings.

All of our acrylic spas and swim spas come with hard top covers included. Our portable spas come with either a soft top cover, or a hard top cover depending on model. If the model you choose comes with a soft top cover, you may wish to upgrade to a hard cover to protect it completely. We also offer a variety of sizes of hot tub covers which will fit the majority of hot tub brands.

You can download the catalogue now Download (function() window.mc4wp = window.mc4wp )(); By submitting the form, I confirm that I accept the terms and conditions. Leave this field empty if you're human: Aquavia Spa: hydromassage with an exclusive design and unbeatable features We design and manufacture our own hot tubs for public and private use, for indoor or outdoor installation, for frequent or occasional use and for relaxing or to supplement your fitness regime. We focus on constant innovation to make each of our products a category leader. Do you want to buy a hot tub? Aquavia Spa is a guarantee of success.We are the largest manufacturer of hot tubs, hydromassage tubs and swimspas in Europe, with 30 years of experience. We opt for centralised manufacturing in our one factory near to Barcelona, which produces thousands of hot tubs and hydromassage tubs each year for the world's most demanding markets. Total quality, cutting-edge design and user-focused innovation are what set our exclusive products apart. Exclusive SpaExclusivity and high performance

The cheapest brands. A few years ago, one of the major wholesale discount stores (whose name I won't mention) came out with a nice-looking but poorly made line of hot tubs for around $5,000, and they quickly sold a ton of them. I'm sure most of you reading this have a good idea of the chain of stores I'm talking about. Unfortunately, as soon as the first cold weather hit, water pipes started bursting, pumps started freezing, and shells started cracking. I'm glad I was not involved in that nightmare because I heard an average of 500 tubs a week were being returned to the supplier. Unfortunately, now the buying public thinks they can get a high-quality, new hot tub for under $5,000, which they can't.

Tip: If you take the skirting covers off the sides of the tub and look inside at the back of the shell itself, notice that it has been sprayed but all around the jet hoses connections, but if the foam has been cut away or tampered with, it means that there was a leak somewhere and somebody was trying to fix it. If there is still water leaking out, then you obviously still have a problem, which is why you...

This will work to help keep the cold out while reflecting the heat coming off the pumps back into the open space surrounding the inside of your tub, which in turn helps to control the temperature in your tub so your heating system isn't working as hard to keep your water temperature exactly where you like it, which also equates to a lower monthly heating bill. 041b061a72


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