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Timofey Shooters
Timofey Shooters

[S4E7] The Uncertainty Principle

In addition to contending with the uncertainty principle, Shaun conducts a poll to see if others agree that shower sex with Lea would be dangerous/slippery/not worth the risk (as one does in their place of work). The majority rules in favor of shower sex, so Shaun heads back to the apartment, determined to do the deed. He also brings with him a cowbell. Not for the sex, but for Lea to ring if she ever feels that her and Shaun are drifting apart.

[S4E7] The Uncertainty Principle


HEFFERNAN: For Lee and a lot of the prison staff who spoke at the town hall, at least in the context of this current fight, it was a matter of principle. Of doing a job they believed in. And when I asked Lee if there was a potential for another kind of job like Gilmore suggested, he said he was only interested in Pontiac as a prison, and a max one at that. 041b061a72


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